Asemic Communication (2020)

digital program

This project is a coding program that initially shows a passage from the book On Dialogue by David Bohm that emphasizes the importance of listening in communication. When the microphone detects excessive sound input, the program replaces the letters in the passage with another letter or space at random. Each screenshot can also be seen as a asemic writing done in collaboration between the human and the program.

非语意交流 (2020)

这个项目是一个代码程序,最初展示了 David Bohm 的书 On Dialogue 中的一段话,强调交流中倾听的重要性。当麦克风检测到过大的声音输入时,程序会将这段话中的字母随机替换成另一个字母或空格。每一个截图也可以被视为是人和程序合作完成的非语意写作。

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