Balloon Xinyu


Balloon Xinyu Trying to Sleep

It is really difficult

to make Balloon Xinyu lie down.

Balloon Xinyu Putting on Makeup

Balloon Xinyu is happy that

Zoom meetings save her a lot of

makeup time.

Balloon Xinyu Taking a Selfie

This is the first thing Balloon Xinyu does

after makeup.

Balloon Xinyu Having Midnight Snack

After all, Balloon Xinyu is a

Graduate student.

Balloon Xinyu Getting a Package

One of Balloon Xinyu’s

most exciting experience in PVD

Balloon Xinyu Watching Horror Films

Balloon Xinyu’s favorite role in

It Chapter Two is

the red balloon.

Balloon Xinyu Smoking

Balloon Xinyu tried to escape from her balcony and attack me

for multiple time

Balloon Xinyu Appreciating Her Work

Balloon Xinyu doesn’t have hands, so she can only

Appreciate her pieces.

Balloon Xinyu Struggling for D+M 21 Final Crit

However, Balloon Xinyu’s reflection sells her out.

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