Astrological Concrete Poetry to Clouds Written by Weather Satellites (2020)

multimedia projection, antennas, laptop, satellite positions

People pay much attention to the stars' positions (for example, we have zodiac signs, and we make predictions based on star positions), but we don't pay much attention to the artificial satellites' positions. We put our belief into a system of objects. Why can't these objects be the satellites, since we now have so many of them?

I try to write program that creates a kind of technological concrete poetry. Humans use the stars' position to predict the mysterious forces that control their societies and individuals' progress; in my program, clouds use weather satellites' positions to predict their states and situations.

The prediction itself is doomed to fail in  making sense. This failure was deliberately presented.



我试着通过写程序创造一种科技具像诗(technological concrete poetry)。人类利用星星的位置来预测控制社会和个人发展的神秘力量;在我的程序中,云朵利用气象卫星的位置来预测它们的状态和情况。


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